Masks in the Maelstrom

We are the sum of the masks we wear for others and for ourselves. I hear you begin to object, but listen: for mask you may substitute a gentler word if you choose. Belief. Philosophy. Code. Name. Job. Shadow. Body.

Whatever word you choose for these things, once you’ve stripped them away from you, what remains?

Here are some of my masks. Some of these are links; some are not. Some are blogs, some are essays, and some are just shouts into the darkness.

My Muse

My Family

The Inner World

Mundus Tranquillare Hic: Ruminations of an Amateur Monastic

Pilgrims on the Way: Francine and I walk the Camino de Santiago in 2013 and 2016

Die Große Stille: a Review of the film “Into Great Silence”

My Journey Home

Faith and Reason

Silence and Community

Towards a New Cluny

Subminimalism Manifesto: A Philosophy of Fiction

The Public Arena


Work Samples

Pilgrimage House Press

Sardarthion Press

Private Fascinations


Clan MacDuich

The King in Yellow


Tannu Tuva