Camino Preparations Update


Since the rain and the early sunsets have curtailed much of our hiking schedule, little progress has been made in the training arena. We hope to address that this coming weekend. Since we’ve already celebrated our Thanksgiving, we plan on…

Update: When the Rain Comes

When the Rain Comes - Point Defiance Park October 2015

Francine injured her foot a ways back, and we have not been training as we ought. Yesterday, however, we had a nice hike with full Camino packs through Point Defiance Park. There was some trouble with water. At some point…

180 Days

Sign Post on the Ridge

My annual camp/cabin trip was this past weekend. Basically it’s the same group of guys every year, with the occasional comings and goings. Back in the day, we camped. One particular weekend, about seven or eight years ago now, it…

The Road Goes Ever On and On

Francine in the Mists of Galicia

Of all the photos I took on our 2013 Camino – and I took thousands of them – this is the one that for me best sums up the spirit of the pilgrimage. It was taken as we walked through…

We’re Going to Spain.


Airline tickets purchased, for about fifty dollars more than what I paid three years ago. British Airways to Spain; Iberia and American Airlines home.

I even get frequent flyer miles.

The Pieces are Starting to Fall Together

2016 Credencials

Our credencials arrived from Santiago a couple of weeks ago. I’m starting to compile updated albergue and Mass information. I’m checking airline tickets every Tuesday. I’m still trying to find all of the bits and bobs to complete my gear.…

Getting to the Camino

The Road to Roncesvalles

The time has come where I’m checking flight prices every Tuesday. Today, for the first time, I found a round-trip ticket to Madrid for our dates for less than a thousand dollars. My goal is $800 or less. That should…

The Pilgrims, Arm in Arm, Arrive


On this day, just two years ago, Francine and I ended the walking portion of our first Camino. This photo was taken that afternoon, as we walked into Santiago de Compostela. Next year: Santiago!

2016 Route Update

Pilgrim's Progress

After much back and forth, we decided to cut out as many of the extras as we can and just focus on the Camino. The current version of the plan (such as it is) looks like this: Fly out of…

One Year to Go


One year from today, Easter Sunday, 27 March 2016, Francine and I intend to board an airplane and set out on our second Camino. Because next year is a leap-year, that’s 366 days from today. Yesterday, I celebrated the tenth…

Walking the Loop

Francine at Snake Lake (2015-02-21 10.06.52)

A couple of months back, Francine and I took a short hike that absolutely winded us. Wiped us out. Clearly, we’re out of shape. So we’ve started our 2016 Camino training much the way we did for 2013: we’re beginning…

Mapping the Camino


It’s a truism that one doesn’t need a map to walk the Camino. After all, there’s a yellow arrow painted or printed or engraved somewhere every twenty yards or so. If you haven’t seen one in a while, you’ve probably…