Ultreïa et Suseïa!


On the Camino, there is an ancient greeting that is exchanged between pilgrims. Oh, those not on pilgrimage – hospitaleros, townsfolk, random people on the Way – will often shout out a hearty “¡buen Camino!”, but that’s not what I’m…

Here Comes the Bus!

Bus route Madrid to Pamplona

Well, the Alsa web site is much better than it was three years ago. For one thing, it’s pretty clear that they have a new English translator, and that he or she knows English. There are still occasionally blocks of…

Travel Insurance

World Nomads Logo

Slowly but surely, we’re ticking things off of our pre-Camino “to-do” list. Today, I purchased our travel insurance. As in our last Camino, we purchased the “standard” package from World Nomads. What I love about these guys is that they…

Urban Training 


Our Camino training has begun in earnest. We’re taking smaller walks throughout the week – some for speed, some for hills.  On the weekends, we’re taking longer hikes with full packs. Today, that’s 12k. Over the coming weeks, this will…

This is a Test

With any luck, this is the first post to this blog using the WordPress app on my phone.  If this works properly, that’s one more thing I can check off my to-do list!

Ninety Days


The number of days to our next Camino continues to drop precipitously. Less than three months to go! At this point, equipment and footgear is all acquired. For shoes and socks, I have stuck with Keen. Their “garage” store is…

The Way of the Pilgrim

shell (2013)

Between our pilgrimages, we must live in the world. We try to hang onto the Way of the Pilgrim in our ordinary lives, but like all things, the lessons fade over the years unless they are reinforced from time to…