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8 September 2014

With our transition to HackMaster 5 and the restarting of our campaign, we are also transitioning to a new web site.

HackMaster: Narcerion

Dumbarton Oaks’ Magic Tome: A breakthrough moment

13 March 2011

I can feel it. A stirring in the back of my mind. I feel like I am on the verge of a new level of understanding, that will fuel my eldritch powers.

Oh, wait. No.

GM’s Report: Sessions 14 – 18

21 February 2011


16 – 26 Jevar’Kiev 174

Characters (Players) in attendance:

Æruestan “Rue” Beleg (Sam) – Sylvan Elf Fighter / 3
Doreen (NPC torchbearer) – Halfling Fighter / 1
Dumbarton Oaks (Chris) – Pixie-Fairy Magic-User / 3
Fletch (Mel) – Human Fighter / 3
Kailan Morgause (Victoria) – Half-Elf “Art connoisseur” / 3 > 4
Leges (Isaac) – Human Fighter / 2
Nyneva Parsay (Francine) – Half-Elf Cleric of Benyar / 3 > 4

and towards the end,

Rhea Mellon (Jennifer) – High Elf Cleric / 1
Tingamar of Clan Titan (Tristan) – Gnome Titan Fighter / 1

Voted Most Valuable Player:

Kailan (s15), Dumbarton Oaks (s16), Tingamar (ss17, 18)

GM notes:

Sondra’s funeral. Dumbarton and Kailan get into a tussle in the graveyard while others are busy training.

Overland to the claim. How very puzzling – the roper’s dead!

Then off to the M-m-m-mines of Cha-a-a-a-os where many kobolds are slain.

Mellon is found. Tingamar is found. Tingamar is killed.

Back to the claim with a cart heavily laden with loot and furniture.

Experience Points

Dumbarton Oaks – 4,077
Fletch – 1,777
Kailan – 3,612
Lejes – 1,152
Nyneva – 1,495
Rhea – 858
Rue – 2,372
Tingamar – 1,951

Some notes on EPs:

Remember you get a 100 EP bonus for posting your story in character.

Note that Tingamar has shown the value in twice being MVP and then getting the “most spectacular death” bonus. Of course, he’s also dead, so there may be a lesson there too.

May all your hits be crits!

Dumbarton Oaks’ Magic Tome — On the value of self-knowledge

22 January 2011

In my brief years flying this world I have noticed that most people do not think of themselves as flammable — and I must view that attitude as tactically untenable and unwise.

Anyone who has roasted a piece of fatty meat over an open flame and lowered that morsel too closely to the fire has discovered that a stray finger of combustion can cause that chunk of food to catch alight in a most convincing way.

We tend to divide the world into two categories. One includes the obviously and easily ignited — paper, wood, coal, oil, silk, hair. The other category contains such items as ice and stone which will never burn, even with magic. We just tend to think of ourselves as the latter….

Kobolds, in this assumption, are demonstrably wrong.

Dumbarton Oaks’ Magic Tome — Giant Spider Country

10 July 2010

To be perfectly honest, I don’t recall how this all got started — but I remember how it ended and, according to Master Po, that is the important part because it means I am still alive.

Can’t say that about everyone. Sondra (the Great) fell under the onslaught of a giant, venomous spider. Ah, Sondra, you crazy woman, I miss you already. And, unfortunately, this may be an inconvenience to my larger agenda. Still, that is for another time. She died as she would have wanted, in mortal combat against a monstrous foe, with the lives of the party on the line….

And make no mistake, we barely made it out of this one. The forest was crawling with venomous spiders, all of which were ridiculously large. For most of them, that was ridiculously large compared to other spiders. By the time we got to the big mama spider, however, we’re talking ridiculously large compared to the big’uns — and much, much bigger than me.

The new spell came in handy. Would cast again. Who’m I kidding? I’m gonna cast that thing all the damn time! Still, gotta watch your line of fire like a hawk with that one.

By the end, most of the fighters were down, our healer poisoned and the only healthy party member was a pixie fairy with no magic. Leges, the new man, acquitted himself admirably, stepping up into the maw of the beast to hack at it, while I blinded the beast’s eyes with flour so it could not see to strike him back.

If this gambit had faailed, I had an outside chance of getting out (if I didn’t flutter into a web!) but I couldn’t think of a way to get even one person out with me. Most of them were unconscious and all too heavy for me to lift.

Thank Benyar it didn’t come to that. We last few made our efforts count. I think Nyneveh even got in a shot with her poor, splintered magic spear. Besides, this thing killed Sondra, and I had given it fair warning. This was its time to die.

After that, actually recovering the magistrate and the ruby was actually the easy part!

Anyway, this is just a quick note while I wait with Doreen and the horses and the goat. I flew ahead to make sure the way was clear. But many of them are barely alive so they are moving slowly. I’ve actually flown back to check on them twice while I updated my book and they’re still a ways away.

We still need to get this guy and this massive ruby back into town. Judging from our still-limited experience, I’m sure that’ll be a cakewalk. I’m tired.

And extremely hungry….

Journal Entry — 07 Jevar’Kiev 174 — Big Sticks & Boogie Men

9 June 2010

By Nyneva

“As I sit here, upon a bluff, encamping for the night, I shall write a few notes to remember the near death experience and the healing powers bestowed by great Benyar to me, that allowed us to live to tell the tale.” Nyneva announced to her companions, Fletch and Sondra.

Earlier that day, the three, along with the feisty Doreen, had set out to do a little scouting about and to see if they could find the road less travelled.

“We came to the ogre cave from which we had earlier looted and killed ogres and bears and remembered the path nearby which we had not followed. This time, we decided it was a good idea. In order to be quick about it, we took our animals, and Kailan’s horse, Nick looked like he wanted a walk as well. Since Kailan was still healing from the last bout or whatever that lazy fellow does, we thought we’d exercise his horse for him as good companions are wont to do.”

Nyneva looked up at the sky and over towards Sondra who’s breathing was belabored.  She stopped to make her companion more comfortable, giving her some cool water which she had bade Doaks to bring. They had been through a lot together that day. Skeletons, Mummies, Naked stone women, a spikey trap, near drowning and invisible water eels.

“We came upon a cave and into it, Sondra and I walked. Except that it was not a cave but something pretending to be and into its damp and squelchy mouth we had walked. I had managed to get out before the maw closed but Sondra did not and we three, Fletch, Doreen and I, killed it dead barely in time to free her. There had been a less fortunate soul inside who had some nifty stuff which we shared among ourselves and even Doreen for she was brave and worthy. Benyar is guiding her, I feel that she will prove her worth.We took parts of the cave chameleon for magical items use later.

Leaving Doreen outside of the cave to stay with the animals we went inside and mapped the mine. There was nary a thing to be found but dead ends. Until we came upon a poor unfortunate soul, long dead, who was hung to the side of the cave by a shiny spear. While the skeleton was brittle, this spear was looking untarnished and beautiful. I took it for my own, knowing that it was a gift from Benyar to me.

We moved further until we came to a wall broken down and what appeared to be a burial chamber. We have since found that it was the antechamber and once we set foot inside, three skeletons rose from the three sarcophagi. Benyar turned two and we managed to make the last one useless enough to never rise again. Making our way to the door, we opened it and went through but were too careless and fell into a trap. Luckily, we had good reflexes and were not terribly harmed. Making a bridge from wood we had discovered earlier, we traversed the trap easily and moved down towards what was the most fascinating experience we have had since we came together.”

The sun was beginning to set and Nyneva quickened her pace of writing as she was becoming sleepy herself. She checked on Fletch and found him snoring happily.

“The next part went so quickly it is hard to remember the order of things. There was so much that went on and the three of us came together so well in battle it was as though we were three fingers but one glove: the Gauntlet of Benyar.

We first came upon two statues each in an alcove across from each other, each are named: Truth and Anger. It was then that I remembered that I had made no will. This time, we checked for traps. There were an endless stream of darts which we discovered were about knee high. Eventually, we would have to get the wood we used for the bridge to cover them but that comes later. For now we crawl under the trap and get to a large stone sarcophagus. At this point, we reckoned it was a fair bet this fellow had been pretty important if there had been guardians and such.

When we got the heavy and I do mean HEAVY cover off, everything happened at once. Or at least it seemed to feel that way. First we heard a miserably loud thud which we knew closed off our escape. Then, the stones in the hallway suddenly sprouted naked women and so did the stone from the sarcophagus lid. Three guardian golems of some sort, I guess,  which was fine for me but Fletch can’t seem to keep his JohnThomas tamed and is easily distracted. Each of us took our shots and though I nearly had the last one under control, Sondra had to step in for the final kill. Most of the time, I appreciate Sondra’s skills, this time I wasn’t so happy. I was so close to having done it all myself.

To reward me, she later had me put myself in peril to save her. But I’m skipping around.”

The distant setting sun highlighted the horizon in shades of purples and orange, somewhat, thought Nyneva ruefully, the bruises she’d sustained that nobody but herself could heal.

“It was at that point or something near it that we decided we’d about had enough and I was then convinced that we then had to retrieve the gold. Oh yes, there was gold. In the sarcophagus was laying gold coins about the remains. The remains itself, of some long and revered ruler of the region, wore a toque and two bracers of gold. I was reluctant to remove them, but the others were convinced we would get a great reward and so we did remove the bracers. I refused to remove the torque but again, I was convinced that it was not dishonorable to rob a grave. This last bit of greed was our undoing as there was suddenly the sound of water, which we took to be coming from the trap.”

And then it got weird, she thought to herself, but then when doesn’t it?

“Fletch devised the plan to which is simple. We use Sonya’s silk rope, which we have managed through some very tricky manouvering that went something like this: go back, get wood, put over dart holes, stand under grate and shoot arrow up with silk rope tied to the end of it…one end of the rope is now tied to the grate the other is looped around the tree and then thrown back down for us to heave the grate away from the edge which we manage with a great deal of difficulty..and all while the water begins to rise. As we had already contacted Doakes, he was there when we needed him, guided quickly by me with the help of Benyar and clear thinking.

As the water begins to fill the sarcophagus, another click is heard. We cannot see what happens until Sondra gets bitten. Then, it became a race to get out. Sondra refused, though she was nearly dead from her injuries, to go up after Fletch. I had barely been hurt during this battle so I was the logical choice to go last. This did not happen. When I got to the top, I had to go back down again, heal Sondra, tie the rope around her and stay to be bitten until we could get her up ahead of me.

And then we were free… on the top of a bluff with no way to get down. This is where I sit, telling my tale on this paper and now I must sleep for tomorrow will present new challenges.”

Nyneva put the stylus and slightly soggy paper back into her backpack and leaned back, covering herself with the bedroll and blanket that Dumbarton had brought for them. She looked up at the stars and sighed thinking to herself that perhaps in another life she will be in charge of a great star ship in a magnificent star fleet and with that bit of fancy flight she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

HackMaster: the world’s strongest RPG

6 June 2010

Just for fun.

GM Report, Session 13

1 June 2010


29 May 2010 / 07 – 16 Jevar’Kiev 174

Characters (Players) in attendance:

Æruestan “Rue” Beleg (Sam) – Sylvan Elf Fighter / 2 > 3
Doreen (NPC torchbearer) – Halfling Fighter / 1
Dumbarton Oaks (Chris – as NPC) – Pixie-Fairy Magic-User / 2 > 3
Fletch (Mel) – Human Fighter / 2 > 3
Kailan Morgause (Victoria) – Half-Elf “Art connoisseur” / 2 > 3
Leges (Isaac) – Human Fighter / 2
Nyneva Parsay (Francine) – Half-Elf Cleric of Benyar / 2 > 3
Sondra (NPC) – Human Fighter / 2 > 3

Voted Most Valuable Player:

(please vote!)

GM notes:

The descent from the bluff! How much rope do we have, anyway?

Back to Frandor’s Keep for more training! Greytar is getting impatient.

Back to the forest for more spiders! Rue is very nearly a meal.

Experience Points

Will be awarded following the successful conclusion of the adventure.

May all your hits be crits!

Happy Birthday, Jolly!

29 May 2010

Today is the birthday of Jolly Blackburn, the principal creator of Hackmaster.

Accordingly, at today’s session we will raise a glass to his name and accord him the honour of a 21-die salute.

Takin a bout of break with the feminyne half of the party, huntin, swimmin, watchin the gills tousel it out in a crypt, good tymes, aye

18 May 2010

By Fletch

Wells I longed for a spit of my own tyme afer that crabgizzard dryad and more an more spyders bitin for shure.

I aimed to follow the hill path and explore a bit whilst the others rested up. Take a few deep breaths, mayhap hunt or climb a hillside I scouted last tyme we runt up to the claim.

All the fine stammels of the party wouldn’t hear to let me go without their feminine company, and I could not find heart to deter them. So off we went together.

And lo! We found a cave entrance, and our own virago got et up when the entrance closed its mouth. Our salver and me, we poked at the thing until it lost an eye and gave out. Whereupon Sondra cralled out, afore Nin cut the beast and dyved in for gold. A practical doxy, what knows the lengths of lootin. She took the eye and some bone and gooey-bits as well.

I’m not sure I’m good to the idea of boxin up pieces and bits of kill, but Nin tells that it’s good as loot, so I say to let the ewe be happy with her guts and bone.

Behind the creacher was a mine, where Nin looted a spear of spiralliness that propped up a miner corps, rather flash for mine loot.

Behind the mine whart a buryin-place filled with walkin dead. Now, sees, tis necessary I wit that those of feminyne adventurin notions be given due course in battle, for their own thought of self. No soft dimber-mort is of help in the field — they scream off from a dire squirrel and needs constant rescuin. I was vacationing anyways, sos I stepped to and let Nin booga the skelletons away with her symbol.

I even let the fine stammels lead the group, even tho they felled to a spike-pit.And when the Governor, Truth, and Anger rose up from stone, I gave the final kills to Sondra.

But Truth and Anger wher somethin else. 7-foot high, nare skinbare frigates with — hm. I kint wit what they were weildin, weapon-wise. I ne’er met a dell what was taller then me, and had everythin to distract. I played off battle once our gimcracks had upper hand, then was fine to watch the ewes duke it out to final. Aye yes.

Then, a short swim, and up through a grate with me girls to layabout in the sunny cliftop with King Dumbarton, new gold in my pouch and a fine dinner to come.

A good respit from spyders and rain.

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